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Legal Handshake


A public declaration of one's personal support of a candidate for elected office. 

Dr. Walter Curry


SC Senator Katrina Shealy


Mrs. Renata DaSilva

Dr. Shane Wall

Mrs. Amy Aubert Fling

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US Congressman Joe Wilson

Mrs. Pamela Godwin

Dr. Stella Immanuel 

South Carolina I am excited to endorse Dr. Kizzi Gibson! We want people like her who are going to stand and fight for our children! She will stand and be the voice of righteousness for this generation! 

SC Republican Liberty Caucus

I am proud to support my 
friend Kizzi! She is the most qualified candidate and I know she loves children! We are at a crossroads and we need a REAL conservative and that's why I'm voting for Kizzi! 
Sheir Few  Logo.webp
USPIE Action President Sheri Few says, “USPIE Action is pleased to extend their support to Kizzi Gibson as the best candidate in the Republican Primary. She stands against the sexualization of children and child pornography in SC schools; the indoctrination of children in Critical Race Theory under the guise of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Social Emotional Learning; biological boys competing in biological girls sports; and mask mandates for children.” Mrs. Few went on to say, “Dr. Gibson has also agreed to advance the mission of USPIE Action by conducting a cost of compliance study to begin weaning the state off the federal dole and out from under federal education mandates.”

SC Representative
Ryan McCabe 

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