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I am campaigning for South Carolina Superintendent of Education because I believe our state deserves a vibrant leader, who will take a unique community approach to find solutions to the educational challenges our educators, students, and communities face.  I understand the impact of intentional listening, transparency, collaboration, and accountability; these actions cultivate trust, growth, and valuable partnerships that will ultimately catapult our students and educators into greatness.  

I firmly believe children are a gift from God to be protected, educated, and encouraged by teachers who possess the uniquely endowed talent of teaching and educating children effectively.  All children should feel safe, loved, and confident that their teachers believe they can learn, succeed and become productive citizens who contribute positively to their communities.  I believe the path to becoming a productive citizen must include a strong foundation in reading and writing skills, numeracy creativity, and character building!

As a parent I believe that parental involvement is the number one determining factor in the educational success of students! Protecting the rights and liberties of parents, students and educators must be in the forefront as we work towards providing every child the opportunity to soar at the school of their choice! As an educator I understand that a one-size fits all approach has and will never be the best way to catapult the students in our state to greatness. We must begin to see each child as unique and provide each child the opportunity to learn in the best environment for them to thrive!



Teacher Retention and Recruitment Initiative
  • ​Encouraging performance-based task when hiring

  • Increase in content relevant Professional Development for all instructors and instructional assistants

  • Increase in the presence of instructional assistants in 5k- 5th grade

  • Support and mentoring for new teachers beyond year 5

  • School district consolidation

  • Merit based bonus incentives for educators

  • Content focus teaching for educators and less laborious task outside of teaching responsibilities

  • A clarion call for greater parental involvement in an effort to bridge the gap between parents and our educational system. 

  • Address the increase in student behavioral issues by implementing character-virtue building and parental accountability 

State Certified Student Mentor Initiative and Transparency
  • In an effort to remove the false ideology of CRT and it's tenets (SEL/1619) I want to to include a Character and Virtue building Initiative through the implementation of the 1776 curriculum (Woodson/ Hillsdale).

  • Student Financial Literacy Course Initiative (requiring this before graduation in the state of SC).

  • Relationship building with Law Enforcement (restoring honor and respect)

  • Community Leaders, Faith-based Leaders and Business Owners as members of the "Certified Student Mentorship Program" which would include "Dads on Duty" "Moms as Mentors" "Victorious Veterans" "Energized Entrepreneurs" "Officers on the Offense"  "Pastors of Promise"

  • School Safety Initiative: "Soft Target No More"- Metal detectors and wands in all Middle and High School, relationship building to bridge the gap between law enforcement and students and implement a Character and Virtues focus in all schools to promote a moral compass for students. Include trained guards in plain clothing to help protect our children (Dad's on Duty, Moms as Mentors, Veterans, and Retired Officers- Individual from the certified student mentorship program). This will be done to secure school and turn them into "Hard Targets" to discourage violent acts.

  • "Corridor of Shame" transforming to "Corridor of Fame" Initiative (schools along the I-95 corridor)

  • Implement a state-wide TIP Line (as seen in VA) for educators, parents, students, and community members to report nefarious incidents (sexualization of students, CRT ideology promotion, etc.)  incidents to be investigated. 

  • Implementation of LIVE book catalog for school libraries and classroom libraries so transparency is given into the type of books and resources being used in the classroom.  

Support for SC Public Schools and School Choice Options For All Students
  • School choice options that include funding for transportation for all students  (P.A.C.E. Scholarship)

  • "Certified Student Mentorship Program"  participants serving as "reading buddies" and "mindset shifters"

  • Increase support for Vocational and Technical Programs

  • Increase support for Visual and Performing Arts Programs

  • Finance Literacy course as requirement for graduation in SC

  • Increase access to home economics, tech and shop courses in all schools

 Financial Restructure Of Education
  • Financial restructuring to award funding for struggling districts

  • Cuts to the Bureaucracy of the department of education

  • Strategically begin to wean the SC education systems off the Federal dole

Achieving these educational goals will only be possible with the help of the Governor and the SC Legislature! I vow to fight for every student and their needs. Let's give our students the opportunity to soar! 

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